2017-2018  SCHS Clubs

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Meeting Time

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 Advancement Via Individual Determination


Ms. Palumbo


Black Student Union

Ms. Adams
Ms. Campbell

 Board Games

Ms. Elward
 Cardinal Car

To further Teachings and understandings concerning automotive technology

Mr. Svoboda



Circle of Friends

Connect IDD students with typically developing students

Mr. McCarley

Computing        Mr. Bouchti

Ms. Newsom Kerr

Global Student Embassy

Empower young leaders to become environmental stewards, social innovators, and community leaders

Ms. Falls

Homeless Donations
 Human Kindness
Room 66
Ms. Hochler

LSU Club

Recruit New students to guide them academically, do field trips, and school events with ELAC parents

Mr.  Solis

Literary Society

To foster and encourage a passion for reading within the SCHS community

1st and 3rd Friday of the month


Ms. Zaleha


To explore math through problems and the knowledge of Mr. K, and to compete in math competitions

Magic the Gathering
 MESA  Math, Engineering, Science Achiement
Daily Room 15
Ms. Cope
 Medical       Mr. Martin

Mock Trial

To Promote critical thinking skills, confidence in public speaking, and an understanding for law in the students at SCHS

Ms. Borders


 Ping Pong


 Rainbow Alliance Provide a supportive community for LGBTQ students and allies

Ms. Guzman
Ms. Palumbo
 Surf        Mr. McCarley
 Trident       Ms. Zaleha
 Threatre       Ms. Bradford
 VEVA Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyle
Tuesday Room 24
Ms. Twohig

Women’s Honor Society

To advocate for, help, and recognize women of Santa Cruz High School and women in our community


Room 81

Ms. Pendell

 Yo-Yo       Mr. Wilson


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Larisa Owechko

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