Classes Off Campus

These are year long classes. Students provide their own transportation to off-campus classes.


  • Biotechnology: A one-year laboratory course that introduces students to the field of biotechnology. The course emphasizes the scientific theory, concepts and techniques used in the field. The course integrates the disciplines of biology, and chemistry. Students are also introduced to the many career options available in biotechnology. (UC A-G approved) Meets 2 afternoons a week at Harbor.

  • Agriculture Production: This course integrates the study of soil science, plant physiology, and the affects of water, temperature and climate on plant growth. Students cultivate fruit, vegetables and flowers both in the field and in the greenhouse. This course teaches that Agricultural production integrates knowledge from chemistry, biology, resource conservation and economics. Meets TUTH 1:45-3:15 at Natural Bridges HS

  • Sports Medicine: Students learn the skills necessary to work within the field of Sports Medicine, Athletic Training and Health Professions caring for physically active individuals. Focus is on functional anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and nutrition; the care and prevention of athletic injuries, therapeutic treatments and rehabilitaion exercises.Students will work as a student athletic trainer. Meets CSU/UC “B” requirement. Meets at Harbor, 2 afternoons a week

  • Veterinary Science @ Soquel High: This course provides a solid base of knowledge and skills in animal sciences. It provides an in-depth study of animal anatomy and physiology as well as animal health and disease. Related lab activities are an integral part of this course. Study of common health care and grooming of both small and large animals. This course meets UC/CSU requirements for College Prep Elective (G) credit.

  • Culinary: This instructional program prepares students with food production, preparation, and service skills for employment in institutional, commercial or independently owned food establishments or other food and hospitality industry. Afternoon to early evening class once a week. Could receive Cabrillo credit with a “C” or better.

  • Health Careers: This course provides an overview of the medical field and administrative skills needed to be successful. Students will explore potential career options in the healthcare field. Medical terminology will be emphasized. Can take for one semester, two semesters recommended. . B Days @ Harbor 1:30-3:00

  • Medical Technologies: This course provides an introduction to scientific concepts, theories and skill development in the healthcare setting for high school students planning on going on to college or advanced training in the healthcare field. Students will participate in a combination of interactive classroom instructions, skill practice, lab activities and clinical rotations in medical facilities. Meets UC A-G “G” requirement. Students completing class also receive First Responder certification. Enrollment or completion of biology recommended. @Harbor A Day 1:30-3:00

  • Administration of Justice: Learn the various aspects of law enforcement and the law. Potential careers include police officer, forensic scientist, lawyer, security officer.Cabrillo credit available with grade of “C” or better. @Harbor or Scotts Valley “0” period.

  • Fire Science: This course is an overview of fire technology and includes information on fire-fighting, hazardous materials, fire prevention and the organizations that provide that service. Various certifications will be offered including CPR, First Aid, and Incident Command. Could receive Cabrillo credit. Students that complete the course with a grade of C (70%) or better and upon recommendation of the instructor are eligible to petition for college credit upon enrolling at Cabrillo College. Meets W 6-9, 1 Sat. per month

  • Information Technology: Students will learn basics in computer science, operating systems, modern communication systems and how the internet works. Students will be provided with students accounts at Cruzio, learn ins and outs of Linux and programming in the Bash Shell. Students will focus on PHP-Programming in Hypertext Preprocessor to run code  on servers and run SQL-Structure Query Language to use, manage and update data bases. Class admittance by application only.