Classes on SCHS Campus

ROP has two Career Pathways at Santa Cruz High:
         Digital Media Arts Design
Automotive Technician Program:This basic course of the automotive technology stresses general diagnosis, engine removal and reinstallation, cylinder head and valve train diagnosis and repair, engine block diagnosis and repair, lubrication and cooling system diagnosis and repair. If taken for 2 years awarded competency service certificate

Graphic Design: Learn how the techniques used in publishing, design and illustration, photography and multimedia presentations. Software used includes Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and In Design. Meets UC A-G “F” requirement. Eligible for 3 unit’s transferable credit for Digital Media 1 from Cabrillo College upon project approval and ROP Instructor approval. 

Web Design: Learn to design your own website using Microsoft FrontPage Express, Adobe PhotoShop, Dream weaver, Image Ready, animation utilities, digital still and video cameras, scanners and microphones to create imaginative, effective and professional-looking web pages. These pages will contain hyperlinks, pictures sounds, video, animations and files to be down-loaded.

Digital Photography: This course will provide students with opportunities to extend their knowledge and skills in the field of photography. This course will familiarize the student with photographic equipment, materials, methods and processes. Students will learn how to apply elements from the study of photography to other art forms, content areas, and careers. Meets UC A-G “F” requirement. 

Video Production: This course prepares students for entry level work in video productions. The class includes: pre-production planning, writing and script editing, on-camera acting, technical work, critical analysis, post-production editing of projects and their presentation to outside audiences. Students learn Desk-top Publishing, Internet usage, computer graphics and video editing, communication development and script writing. Meets UC A-G “F” requiremen

Construction Technology: A hands on program involving classroom and work-site competencies in the following areas: Basic construction, basic construction math, project organization, starting the job, foundations and support structures, practices and procedures for standard wood framing, exterior wall and roof coverings, repairing and/or altering old and new structures and new technologies. Focus on green construction. This course will also cover basic computer aided drafting skills. 

Bike Performance and Technology: Students learn bicycle repair, maintenance and safety. Curriculum includes building and repairing bicycles, sales and ordering parts, communication, safety laws and the health, environmental and economic benefits of cycling.