What is This?

Parent Portal Information

Illuminate, the Santa Cruz High Parent Portal, allows parents and guardians to keep informed regarding student attendance, classes, grades and transcripts.

    What is the Parent Portal?

    • The Parent Portal gives parents and students access to information on the student data system (called Illuminate) used by the school.
    • Parents may look at information on file for their students.
    • Parents may review their student’s entire attendance record including excused and unexcused absences and tardies from the beginning of the school year to present day. Information is updated daily.
    • Progress reports and grades are available through Illuminate as soon as the teacher turns them in.
    • Parents can also review their student’s transcripts, final grades each semester, and personal information on record.
    • The account will allow you to access your student records until he/she graduates from Santa Cruz High.

    How do I sign up for the Parent Portal?

    All parents/guardians must establish an account for Illuminate.
    Obtain an Access Code: Request Access Code from the main office.  Only parents/guardians listed on the student's emergency card will be provided with a code.

    I have an Access Key Now What?

    Once you have received your Access Code, follow these steps to access the system and create your permanent User Name and Password:

    1. Go to the SCHS Illuminate Access Page. District: Santa Cruz City Schools.
    2. Here you can login or create your account. If you need to create your account,click on create your account and follow the steps.

    If you need additional information or assistance, contact the Main Office 831-429-3960 x200 or x204. If you find an error in the system, you should report it to the school.
    How do I log in to the Parent Portal?

    Once you have created your account with Illuminate  , you can access the system using your Illuminate login and password at any time from the SCHS Illuminate Login Page.