Parking Info

Important Information about the Downtown Permit Parking Program (City of Santa Cruz, Public Works Department) Purchasing Permits for High School Students and Staff:

The High School is administering permits for their students and staff. The City will be enforcing the parking that has been allocated to the High School. Enforcement means that tickets are written! Certain street frontages will have No Parking, 7 AM or 9 AM to 2 PM, Monday through Friday, except by High School Permit (August 12  to June 4). These frontages are typically adjoining SCHS campus property. Commuter Permits are not be sold for these frontages, and Residents' Permits are only valid from Midnight to 7 AM in school parking areas NOTE: A Santa Cruz High School Permit does NOT allow for High School Students to park in front of houses on the residential side of the street. Parking Enforcement: The Permit Program will be enforceable on a 24-hour basis. Vehicles parked longer than the posted time limit without a permit in the Program Area will be subject to a $58.00 citation (parking ticket; subject to change). The Public Works Department will enforce daytime parking controls Monday through Friday during working hours. For daytime parking enforcement service, please call 420-5181, or e-mail [email protected]com A Map detailing where SCHS students and staff can park is shown below and are available in the Text Book Room and in the Principal's Office.