School Shadow

For students who are seriously considering attending Santa Cruz High School, a “shadow experience” may be arranged to give the student a chance to enjoy a day at Santa Cruz High. Accompanied by a student guide, interested students may attend classes for a day. While in attendance, the visitor will be under the supervision of the Santa Cruz High School administration. Both the host student and guest must follow all school and classroom rules.

To request a visit, contact Lauren Rose in the Assistant Principal’s office at 429-3960, extension 204 (at least 48 hours prior) to the visitation.  No shadowing will be permitted the week before finals and the week of finals. If a student is interested in observing one particular class or “shadowing” a particular student, please advise Lauren at the time of the request.

On the day of the visit, the Student Shadow Permission Slip must be signed in the Main Office. Arriving on the day of the visit both the student and the shadow will meet in the Assistant Principal’s office to sign in and be given a guest pass for the day.

Lauren Rose, Asst. Principal's Secretary