Varsity Boys

Boys Varsity Basketball: Testing Pre-Registration:

Please encourage all participants to pre-register ASAP and definitely before being tested.  The emails and phone numbers that belong to the participants should be used during registration.


  • Insurance information must be provided if the student/staff has some type of insurance.
  • Some type of ID such as Driver's license # or Student ID # will be needed for those without an insurance.
  • Must enter valid email/phone #, last name and date of birth in order to receive the test result properly. 
  • Please inform the students/staff of the exact test location, time and date.
  • Please inform the students/staff to bring their phone so we can scan their QR code for testing.


Testing Location: Tuesday and Friday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm at the Gym.

Proposed Sports Season During  C
OVID Pandemic
Basketball practice set to begin April 5th in the Gym. To be able to attend you must have a Covid Test given by the school on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Gym at 3:30pm. If you don't have test you will not be allowed in the Gym until test is Completed.  If your playing another Sport at this time Please don't Test or show up for Basketball until your Sport is over. You will have an opportunity to be a part of the Basketball Program after your Sport Finishes.
At this time Athletes can not participate in two sports at the same time.
Practice Times:
Monday       6pm to 8pm
Tuesday       4pm to 6pm
Wednesday 6pm to 8pm
Thursday      4pm to 6pm 
Friday            4pm to 6pm

Sports Condition:

Contact Information:
Varsity Head Coach: Lawan Milhouse
                              [email protected]                                           
2017-19 SCCAL Champions


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