• This is Kindness Week. Did you miss crazy sock day today? No worries, tomorrow is be different be you day. Wear clothes that define you.  Today’s challenge is to share 10 hugs for those that want to be hugged.
  • Prom tickets are currently $175 for the month of March. ASB is open at lunch all week to sell tickets for you last change for a ticket at $175.  If you are on the payment plan, your third payment is due by Friday. Don’t miss the boat, we only have about 120 spots left! Go take a look! Remember, Prom is May 18th make sure you buy your ticket.
  • Spring Fling will be on April 27th, tickets are on sale in ASB for $25.
  • Are you interested in joining ASB next year? What about running for ASB office? Stop outside of ASB to get your application today. They are due Friday, April 12th

Clubs: The following clubs meet today during lunch.

  • All Design Club members are asked to attend our meeting in room 45 at lunch to discuss the zoetrope project and approve our newest product offering.                                      


  • Omega Nu Scholarship is due this Friday.  See Lauren for an application.
  • Seniors who purchased announcements from Jostens, you can pick them up today in the main hallway during lunch.  If you have not yet purchased your cap and gown, you can also purchase Wednesday during lunch.
  • Are you interested in being a speaker during graduation or performing your talent? Sign up for an audition spot in the main office with Lauren.  Please sign up by Friday, March 29th.
  • SENIORS! Find those adorable, silly, funny, and cute baby photos to share with us. Email them to [email protected]
Posted by Kathy Pruett On 27 March, 2019 at 10:00 AM