Wrestling: COVID Testing Information and Pre-registration:



Please encourage all participants to pre-register ASAP and definitely before being tested.  
The emails and phone numbers that belong to the participants should be used during registration.


  • Insurance information must be provided if the student/staff has some type of insurance.
  • Some type of ID such as Driver's license # or Student ID # will be needed for those without an insurance.
  • Must enter valid email/phone #, last name and date of birth in order to receive the test result properly. 
  • Please inform the students/staff of the exact test location, time and date.
  • Please inform the students/staff to bring their phone so we can scan their QR code for testing.


Testing Location:

SC Gym on Tuesday and Fridays 3:30pm to 4:30pm  



First Day Of Practice:TBA

Proposed Sports Season During COVID Pandemic:
Wrestling Must Be in The "YELLOW" To Compete:
Practice Start Date:  April 5th, 2021
Competition Start Date: April 19th, 2021
Season End Date: May 28th, 2021


Season: April 19th, 2021 thru May 28th, 2021 

 League Champions ; 1953,65,75,77,78,79,80,89.2007,2009,2019,2020

Coach:  Emiliano Aragon

[email protected]
Girls Coach: Pete Gastafson
[email protected]
Asst Coach : Cody Kiff
[email protected]

SCHS Wrestling Calendar 

Training Sessions: 3x/week, weight training 2x week
Dual Meets: Weekly
Tournaments: TBD

Boys Varsity 1st Place
St.Francs Tournament