AP Test Information

January 2021

It's time to sign up for AP tests! Signing up for your AP test is a two-step process.  Both steps must be completed in order to take the AP test.
Step one:  
Enroll in AP Classroom for each AP test you plan to take. With very few exceptions, you have already done this and should now continue to step two. If you aren't sure, please read the following bullet points for more information.
  • If you took a fall semester or full-year AP class:
    • You should have signed up for AP classroom last semester. If for some reason you did not sign up for AP classroom, you were sent an email notifying you that choosing not to enroll in AP Classroom meant that you were opting out of the AP test.
    • If you've changed your mind and now wish to take the AP test, please contact Ms. Ohana, as a late registration fee will be charged.
  • If you are enrolled in a Spring semester only AP class and are not enrolled in AP classroom
    • You should have received an email indicating what you need to do to fix this.  
  • If you aren't sure if you enrolled in AP Classroom:
    • Check in with your AP teacher to verify.
Step two:  
Pay for your AP tests. The cost is $95 per test.
Checks should be made out to: Santa Cruz High School and brought to the SCHS office M-F between 8am-4pm. Payments are due by Tuesday February16 at 4 pm.
In order to avoid any confusion regarding which tests you plan to take, please also bring this form indicating which tests you are planning to take when you drop off your check. This form is also available on your "class of" google classroom. If you don't have a printer, hard copies are also available on campus and can be completed when you drop off your check. 
What if I'm in an AP class but I don't want to take the AP test?  
Students who are enrolled in an AP class but do not wish to take an AP test, should simply not submit a check, and their registration for the test will be canceled.
Will the tests be online or in-person this year?
The College Board has not yet announced if they will be doing AP tests online or in person.  We will let you know as soon as we hear more.

Complete Test Dates and Times can be found here:


Questions about AP Tests?

Contact Rene Ohana, Assistant Principal for Counseling & Guidance 
[email protected] or (831)429-3960 Ext. 203