Career Planning

ROP and the SC high counseling staff will be presenting career curriculum for all grade levels.

9th Graders:

  • Students will take part in "Road Maps" curriculum, an investigative career program. The outline will include students discovering their learning style by taking a personality assessment and interest survey. Students will explore the 15 state industry sectors and investigate a career.

10th Graders:

  • Students will take part in the next 3 modules of "Road Maps". Students will learn to write resumes, cover letters, and participate in mock interviews. 

11th Graders:

  • Students will participate in a career expo put into place by ROP and "Your Future is our Business". 30 industry members will be in the multipurpose room/cafeteria. Students will take part in informational interviews with business partners.

12th Graders:

  • The educational division of Bay Federal Credit Union is offering a curriculum that facilitates budgeting and financial decision making called "Bite of Reality". It is a game whereby students receive an identity including a job, lifestyle and salary. Students will then need to put into place housing, utilities, recreation etc.